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Bofs Meat Summer ¼ Pig Box

Bofs Meat Summer ¼ Pig Box


What's in the box?

4 Spare rib chops in Chinese marinate 

4 pork belly slicers in souther bbq

Guard joint

2 leg steaks 

2 pork steaks

4 maple loin steaks

4 pork chops 

Rack of ribs

Leg joint 

12 pork sausages 

12 Lincoln sausages 

4 pork and Apple burgers

4 spice pork burgers 

500g streaky bacon

500g mince

500g cubbed pork


Marination list 

Spicy salt pepper

Piri piri

Italian (tomato +chilly)


Souther bbq

Maple syrup 

Lemon pepper 


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